Understanding client expectations and advising on where to best achieve the balance of property with the family needs is essential to the ethos of Recoco. So often clients aspirations are beyond their budget or simply a vision that doesn’t exist in reality.  We are here to be the objective, practical arm directing the search in a realistic way forward with local knowledge and experience.

How often have we heard the phrase “I’ll know it when I see it!”.  That’s good, we say, but give us a clue please as to what the vision is. What are the essential requirements -not just of the house but in the locality -schools, transport, golf course …no matter what – we need to know.

Whilst technology makes communication easier in the bigger world, it is important to keep your feet on the ground and assess what is vital to make daily life tick along in the least stressful way possible. Families with young children must consider the education route they wish to take -living in a beautiful but remote spot will soon lose its charm if long school journeys bite into the day, and when the young peoples social life kicks in you cannot restrict them to what is on offer on the doorstep -life has moved on from just local homemade amusement to satisfy expanding minds and the horizons technology is giving them. Practicality should win the day and as life’s phases change you can move to suit the changing circumstances. The world is transient and families spread themselves across the globe knowing nowhere is that far from anywhere.

So, we have the remit -the vision from the clients perspective. We draw the square on the map and look for the perfect property -well the one with the least compromise and there will certainly be at least one. Then when we find the reality doesn’t meet the expectation -the dream is shattered and practicality and budget win the day.

Moving to a new area is a brave thing to do at any stage in life. It is vital to ensure clients buy where they are likely to fit in socially. The reality of expecting friends and family to still visit from miles away on a regular basis soon fades. They have their lives and what sounds exciting soon becomes a chore and often non -existent within a couple of years. That may sound cynical but is realistic. Everyone has their own busy lives and it is presumptuous to imagine they will change because of anyone else following their dream. New dreams and friends must be made along the way.

So the message is simple -stand back and assess the dream -get it right and it will be exciting. By all means let your heart rule your head as that is the best way to buy a house -its a feeling but only when the expectations are clear and realistic.

Recently we have seen Recoco clients reassess their aspiration after searching where they felt was the best place to give them what they wanted -one has now bought in Norfolk, one in Normandy and a complete U turn, a third in California. Whilst still helping the first two all said they knew at first sight when they weren’t even looking to buy that they had found the house of their dreams -all a very long way from the original search region. The Recoco teams knowledge and contacts enabled us to ensure the clients still retained the support of an independent professional team whilst fulfilling the dream. A perfect result all round.

Whilst on the one hand we always try to direct clients to minimise a search area life itself often directs people -you may call it fate or even luck -but no matter which it is the underlying key factor is creating the lifestyle you want in the home you want – after all ‘its all about coming home’.